The first ever MESSAGE SERIES at St. George Parish is a chance to build a life of discipleship based on the 6 Qualities of a Faithful Disciple we have been reflecting on over the last four years.  This 6 week series explores each of the qualities making practical connections within the parish in our daily lives.




Fr. John introduces the series and talks about “FORMATION” as an essential quality of being a disciple of Jesus.  There are many opportunities in the parish to be formed, educated and to deepen our understanding of faith.  We have Roman Roadhouse,, Faith Movie Nights, Faith 101 series and so much more!!  There are many programs and events that help us answer the why of what we believe!!  We need to always be students of Jesus and allow him to be the Master of our lives!!

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Deacon Dennis Rivest continues the series with Week #2 and the call to serve.  As a disciple of Jesus, we are called not only to know our faith but we are required to live it out — to put our faith into action.  This takes a great amount of effort but Jesus sets the example of laying down his life for us and so we are called to do the same.  Like any construction site, we need to dig deep to set foundations and of course make the structure strong.  We do this by our effort and work — this is also true and necessary in our faith.  Service for the sake of the lost, forgotten and in need is at the heart of being a faithful disciple.  Where is God calling us to put on our work gloves and dig in?  The grace uncovered are truly life altering for all of us!!!

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Fr. Pedro speaks about the need for our our own personal prayer and the sacraments to help us balance everything in our lives.  If we are going to build a strong foundation of faith and the life of a disciple, following Jesus, then we need to make sure everything is level.  Our daily prayer and devotions strengthen us and help us not be overwhelmed in our world today.  The sacraments are a chance for us to encounter Jesus in a powerful and life changing way as a community of faith.  How is your daily prayer life? Do you take advantage of the sacraments to encounter Jesus and his healing love?  If we want balance and a strong fulfilled life — we need to pray each day and participate in the sacraments.  Watch how Fr. Pedro shares this call for each of us.

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Fr. John speaks to us about the call to invest our entire lives in Christ.  We are called to share our lives, talents, skills, gifts and resources with Jesus and the parish for the sake of the Good News.  When we truly invest our time and our entire selves, we are changed, renewed, energized and directed to live a life of faith and hope!!  This can most powerfully happen through the ministry, outreach and building of the parish community.  Fr. John also shares about the importance of our financial commitment to the parish which spiritually unites our own personal cost to that of Christ as he offers himself at the celebration of the Eucharist.  Jesus wants us completely, so that we are transformed into faithful disciples — the true fullness of our lives!!

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Deacon Mark preaches about the call of a faithful disciple to share our lives, experiences and faith with others while inviting people to draw closer to Jesus. Our own personal encounters with our loving Lord and our own faith can help others encounter the grace, peace and joy of Jesus. We also get to know one another better when we share a bit of our own story with those around us. We also need to invite others to the parish and to the many activities that take place so that they too may experience grace and peace through the gift of our parish family. Share and invite always!!

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Deacon Dennis shares about the need to be part of small groups in our parish so we can get to know one another and share our lives of faith together.  In such a big parish, we can get lost and not try to connect, but through our MOSAIC faith sharing groups, Knights of Columbus, CWL, FAITHCATION Retreat, pilgrimages, parish missions, St. Drogo Cafe, bible studies, book club and so much more–we can truly support, inspire and minister to each other.  We cannot live our faith alone, we need one another.  We are called as faithful disciples to serve with love those around us and realize that we are ministers of hope, life and faith!!

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