The world is full of lots of noise!!  We are bombarded by so many different sounds and voices vying for our attention.  With modern technology and social media, we seem to be more caught up with broadcasting our opinions and thoughts rather than listening to God and one another.  In this message series we will explore better ways to listen with our minds and hearts so that we can understand one another better and be a faithful disciple.  We need a revival in the art of conversation, dialogue and mutual respect seeking to bring light and hope in the world.  Only when we open our hearts and mind can we truly lower the walls of division in our world and to allow God’s voice to transform our lives.  Through silence, prayer and an openness attentive listening can we help build the kingdom in our lives.


Fr. John begins this message series referencing a TED talk by communications expert Julian Treasure who talked about the loss of real listening in our lives today.  We are very good at broadcasting but not good at truly hearing God and one another.  Understanding God’s call for us to be disciples and truly understanding each other requires an open mind and heart.  

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In the second homily of this series, Fr. John talks about the need to approach the gift of our faith as being students of the Master—Jesus Christ.  We come to church each week to learn and grow becoming like the Master—being sent out to be Jesus in our world.  We need to listen better and two of the ways to do that is to include more silence in our lives and savouring the mundane sounds around us.

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Fr. John preaches the third homily of a four homily series talking about the Transfiguration and adjusting the mixer of our lives to become faithful disciples.  We need to lower the volume of the channels that try to distract and drown out God’s voice and turn up the channels of grace, love and faith in our daily lives.  Lent is a great time to adjust our sound mix in our lives.

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Fr. John preaches the final and fourth homily series talking about how all things are made new through the gift of reconciliation in our lives—that is received and then shared.  As faithful disciples, we have been given the ministry of reconciliation and by living a life of mercy and forgiveness, we can make everything new.  Like the transition from the winter to the summer.  From the cold, dark and lifeless winter season to the warmth, light and life of summer.

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