The gift of the saints inspire us, help us and lead us to the Risen Lord. These heroes of faith truly remind us of the glory of heaven. These faith family members give us the courage to continue on and to carry our cross each and everyday.

St. Peregrine is one of many saints that we can turn to in times of need and suffering. Despite his pains, sufferings and difficulties, he endured and turned to the Lord for healing and grace. Through his faithfulness, St. Peregrine turned his suffering into a means of proclaiming the Gospel.

St. Peregrine (1260-1345) is the patron saint of cancer patients and all illnesses. He was an Italian priest, and a member of the Friar Order Servants of Mary. His life included a conversion to the faith at a young age, commitment to the vocation of service as a priest, serving the poor and even performing miracles. Later in his life he developed cancer in his right leg. A day before the surgery to amputate the leg, St. Peregrine dragged himself to the chapel before the crucifix where legend has it that Jesus descended from the cross and healed his leg. He was fully healed. He lived his life seeking to help all those in need.

May St. Peregrine intercede for us and our loved ones. May we realize the healing grace of God’s love and pray for all those who are suffering in so many different ways.

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