The SHARING FAITH SERIES is an opportunity for parishioners to be witnesses of grace by sharing a bit about their faith journey.  Each of us has a story of grace that we are compelled to share as it allows us to see Christ in our own lives but also by sharing our story we inspire those around us.  Faith sharing is the most powerful way to evangelize.  We are thankful for those who have responded to the call to share their faith with us.

Session One – Renee & Adele Culverwell

Renee and Adele Culverwell (mother and daughter) share their faith journey with us in this first session of the series.  Their faith journey and witness helps us see Christ in our own lives.  They also take time to invite others to ministries in the Chatham Catholic Family of Parishes—true faithful disciples.

Session Two – Sr. Eleanor Gleeson, OSU

Sr. Eleanor Gleeson, an Ursuline Sister of Chatham shares a bit of her faith story during this Lenten series at the Chatham Catholic Family of Parishes. Sr. Eleanor offers great wisdom and expresses a love for Christ that can inspire us all!!

Session Three – Meagan King

Meagan King, a parishioner of St. Joseph Church, part of the Chatham Catholic Family of Parishes, and involved in her faith daily—shares about our call to love as God has loved us.  Meagan shares a powerful experience of grace through someone who brought the grace of the Lord.

Session Four – Walter Debicki

Walter Debicki, a parishioner of Our Lady of Victory Polish Catholic Community, part of the Chatham Catholic Family of Parishes, shares the gift of faith that has supported him each day of his life.  He has been a member of Our Lady of Victory most of his life and cherishes the gift of his Polish history, culture and faith!!  We are all called to trust in the Lord.

Session Five – Jon & Mary Lou Wood

Jon & Mary Lou Wood, are parishioners of St. Agnes Parish, part of the Chatham Catholic Family of Parishes.  We are thankful that they took the time to share a bit about their lives, their faith journey and how they are faithful disciples in our world today.  Their lives have been impacted by God’s grace in many ways and they have shared that light with others.

Session Six – Maureen MacDonald

Maureen MacDonald, on staff as the housekeeper in the family of parishes, also volunteers as a Mass Host at Blessed Sacrament Church while also supporting many youth and community gatherings for the Chatham Catholic Family of Parishes shares a bit of her faith story.  She shares some graces and blessings that help her be a faithful disciple in our world today.

Session Seven – Jason Denys

Jason Denys is a member of the Chatham Catholic Family of Parishes and usually attends St. Ursula Church.  He is a family doctor who seeks to help those in need.  He has musical talent and loves God.  In this talk you see all of this and so much more.  There is even a very nice surprise at the end.  Jason is a faithful disciple who shares who he is and what he has to bring people closer to Christ.