This Easter season is the greatest and most powerful season of the Church’s year.  It is a chance to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus—his triumph over sin and death–our hope of eternal life fulfilled. 

This series begins during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lives are completely changed and we are in crisis.  We have not been able to go to church or receive the sacraments.  It is right now that we really need to see Jesus in our world today and deepen our faith.  It is right at this time that we need to see the eternal light so that we can experience here and now the power of the resurrection.  This series will help us have faith and see the saving power of God in our lives.  We really don’t have to look too far!!




Fr. John introduces this message series as a chance in the midst of the challenges of our lives, to see Easter and the resurrection differently.  Is Easter just a super long weekend that is filled with ritual and family connections and then back to our day to day activities?  We believe that Jesus is Risen but do we act differently because of it?  How can we see the resurrection in our world today?  Where is Jesus?

Check out Fr. John’s SHIELD OF FAITH blog post about the EYES OF FAITH.  Click here.


Deacon Mark reflects on the gospel story of the Road to Emmaus.  In that journey, Jesus joins some friends along the journey to share the story of faith.  For us to be able to see Jesus in our world today, we need to share the road with one another and share the stories of faith that we experience.  We need to remind one another of God’s love, presence and grace.  We all need to share–giving and receiving along the way to the kingdom!!

Check out Fr. John’s SHIELD OF FAITH blog post about the SHARING THE ROAD.  Click here.

Check out Fr. John’s SHIELD OF FAITH blog post about SHARING THE ROAD.  Click here.


This week Fr. Pedro calls us to be attentive to the voice of the Shepherd who calls us to follow Him.  This means we need to turn down the sounds around us and within us to hear Jesus in our lives.  In order for us to see Jesus alive today, we need to uncover the layers of noise in our own lives to be able to connect to the one voice we need to hear — JESUS — who guides us to still waters and green pastures.  Let’s help each other to slow down, turn down the loudness of the world around us and tune into the voice of God!


This week Deacon Dennis reminds us of our call to serve and put our faith into action.  If we want to see Jesus alive today, we need to embrace a call of service to those around us.  Through our baptism, we are called to be Jesus today.  Jesus depends on us and shares his royal priesthood of love with everyone—all of us are called to be Christ in this world and the more we do this, the more the world will see that Christ is indeed risen!!


This week Fr. John talks about the reality that to follow Jesus and see him alive today—we must act in love.  To love Jesus is to keep his commandments and live them out.  This is done through sacrifice, suffering and service.  Love hurts—there is a price to pay when we dedicate ourselves to those we care about.  This is no different when it comes to faith.  If we want to see Jesus today, we need to live like the saints.  Fr. John shares quotes from St. John Paul II, St. Faustina, St. Maximilian Kolbe and Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko.  We give up everything for those that we love.


During this final week of the message series, Fr. Pedro climbs up and takes a look at the worship space from the view of the crucifix at St. George Parish.  He shares with us the fact that we need to see things in different perspectives to understand things better and to see Jesus in our world today.  On this Solemnity of the Ascension, we discover that our mountain top experiences can transform our lives!!