Weekend Mission Homily – SETTING THE STAGE

Fr. Prieur preached the weekend Masses to set the stage for the parish mission — entering into the deep waters to find the spark or the soul of who we are as Christians and faithful disciples of Christ.  Enjoy this first session which includes some amazing stories and even some great jokes!!!  What a blessing Fr. Mickey is to our diocese and of course for the parish this Advent.  

Sunday Night Session – Looking for the Spark & Soul of Faith – PART I

Fr. Prieur shares his wisdom and experience on what it is to be a Christian in this world today.  What are the challenges and blessings of following Christ as our Lord and Saviour.  This evening session took place in the midst of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  Enjoy!!  

 Monday Morning Session – THE SACREDNESS OF LIFE

Fr. Prieur, who is an expert in bioethics and has been part of the Ethics Board at St. Joseph’s Hospital in London for many years shares his experience and wisdom concerning the sacredness of life and in particular, the challenges of end of life issues.  Take a look at this amazing presentation that took place following morning Mass on Monday of the mission.  

Sunday Night Session – Looking for the Spark & Soul of Faith – PART II

Fr. Prieur reflects on the unique call to be Catholic and how we are to share the GOOD NEWS with those around us.  This is the last night of the mission and a great way to prepare for Christmas. https://youtu.be/R8A9GgsLyRU