By: Fr. John Jasica


About a year and a half ago, the Family Pastoral Council approved and endorsed a new pastoral plan that is rooted in two major pillars that funnel all of our ministries, programs and outreach:

(1) FORMING DISCIPLES who are inspired, equipped, supported, trained and offered opportunities to be Apostles in our world today.

(2) REACHING OUT TO ALL who are alone, afraid, lost, forgotten and in need, bringing them the light, faith and joy of Jesus.

This continues to require a review of everything we do keeping those that help us become intentional, faithful disciples helping transform the world and letting go of those things that do not help us move forward.  It is impossible to do everything and of course our primary goal is always to be on mission—being faithful to the commission Jesus gave the first Apostles which has been given to us through our baptism.  Our “Game Plan” is already in action!


The transformation of our family of parishes in the midst of recovering after the pandemic is taking place over four years.  This four year activation will allow us to build momentum while bringing back and implementing new ministries, programs, outreach and events.  Each of the four year activation has a particular focus:

  1. WELCOME & FAMILY – getting to know each other
  2. PRAYER & CONVERSION – getting to know Jesus
  3. GIFTS & CALL – self-reflection and discernment
  4. WITNESS & SERVICE – putting our faith in action

Over four years, we will have a comprehensive ministry framework that always seeks to build community, create moments to encounter Jesus who transforms our lives and allows us to reflect on the personal gifts/abilities we have that are called to be shared.  We will also seek to inspire parishioners to put their faith in action by giving witness to the Good News through humble service within the family of parishes and beyond.  In all of this, we are seeking to form disciples who reach out to all.  This transformation will take time and will require all of us to embrace, so that everyone in the city of Chatham encounters the Risen Lord through us.


We want our family of parishes to be welcoming and open to all, offering generous hospitality that creates a true sense of community.  We strive to be a real family who knows, cares, and supports one another—especially the poor, alone, and forgotten along the pilgrimage to heaven.  Only together as one family can we be a bright sign of Jesus in our world today.  We want to be a place where everybody knows your name!!

As we come to the conclusion of the first year of our pastoral plan, we weave the fabric of WELCOME & FAMILY in who we are as the Chatham Catholic Family of Parishes.  It is an essential and critical component of who we are as a faith community.  It is fundamental to our mission of proclaiming and witnessing the Good News to those who have not heard or have forgotten the Gospel and the open door for those who do not welcome it but need it for true peace and joy.


Here is a brief list (I am sure I am missing some events) of the ministries and events that takes place in our family of parishes that helps build a community of WELCOME & FAMILY:

Parish Breakfasts (Thanks to the Knights)
Good Place Café (Thursdays after Mass)
Super Bowl Party
Family Sacramental Preparation
Sunday Friends Bulletins
Sunday Friends during Mass
Family Movie Nights
Faith Film Series
Family Advent Night & Hayride
Halloween & St. Nicholas Family Events
New Year’s At Noon Family Event
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
School Classroom Visits
Memorial Mass Supporting Families
Celebration Lunch—for sacramental families
Holy Saturday Easter Egg Hunt
Summerfest Parish Picnic
CWL socials, bake sales & events
Knights socials and events
Mass Hosts, better signage at our churches
Mass parts & songs projected at our Masses


Community and social events are important for us to get to know one another and to invite others to become part of our family of parishes.  As a family, we take care of one another while at the same time, offer support, hospitality and a home for all those around us—especially the poor and those in need.