By Fr. John Jasica


How things have changed in the last week. Before the COVID-19 virus really hit our area I was concerned with so many other things. I am sure all of you, like me, knew that the virus would come our way and knew some of the effects seen on the news—-but somehow it felt distant and something far away and didn’t really understand how things were really going to change for all of us. Everything has stopped. Church, school, sports, work, travel and so many regular routines have ceased for the moment. It is truly a shock to the system. With all of this change we add fear, anxiety, frustration and a great sense of helplessness. We are sailing into the unknown.


One of the biggest shocks and changes for all of us is the fact that our parish buildings are closed. No opportunity in this great time of need to be at our safe refuge—the parish church!! No chance to receive the Eucharist and share in the breaking of the bread with our brothers and sister, no opportunity to experience the mercy of Christ through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Has faith stopped? NO—it can never stops!!!


Although we are fasting from so many gifts of faith, we now discover new ways of shining the light of the Good News during this challenging time. We can discover the presence of Christ in the Sacred Scriptures, our own personal prayer, using online resources, the rosary, spiritual reading and connecting with our faith family in more creative ways. In the midst of this crisis, God’s presence is growing stronger through the desire and passion of the faithful to see Jesus and be Jesus for others. I have heard countless stories already of people reaching out to one another helping, serving and caring. The heart of a disciple never fades in times of struggle — it grows through a deeper commitment to be a sign of hope and light in the midst of crisis and darkness. The parish is the people alive living courageously the Good News at every moment. Let us pray and support one another during this crucial time of faith and show the world that God is with us!!