Can we really live a life of discipleship simply out of obligation?  This chapter invites us to reflect on the call of a faithful disciple to be rooted in love of God and neighbour.  It is simply not enough to live our lives of faith out of obligation or obedience to rules and regulations.  Rules are needed to help guide us but our lives are much more than that.  If we simply followed the rules our lives become hollow and empty.

Our faith is rooted in relationships and not obligations.  We are called to encounter both Christ and one another in love that inspires, ignites and empowers us to serve proclaiming the Good News!!  As Jesus was challenged to name the greatest of the commandments, he replies with two that are rooted in love–which beckons us to go much further than any rule can take us because it calls from us a response of the heart.

Are we too caught up with what is simply proper for us to do or do we seek out the gift of love for God and others in how we live our lives?  Do we tend to judge others based on rules and regulations trying to make ourselves feel better or do we look at the gift of our lives as a chance to love, serve and give of ourselves?

How does our faith help us to love?  Is our experience of the parish and faith an encounter of love, mercy, compassion and joy?  How can we change our lives and our communities to be places of joy that live out the call of loving God and our neighbour?  What needs to change for this to happen?