How do we measure the success of our lives?  How can we judge if we have lived a good and meaningful life?  In this chapter, David Wells, reminds us that we are not the centre of our lives.  There are many transitions and changes in our lives but throughout all of that what becomes most important is making the connections, building the relationships and reaching out to others that impacts the most.

Sometimes we can get too caught up on our own importance that it overshadows the ability and opportunity to connect and change the life of those around us.  We all need to be reminded that the success in our lives does not consist of money, power, the programs or systems that we have created.  The most important component in our lives is — have we loved and helped those around us? Have we made the lives of our family and friends, co-workers and those in need better because of who we are?

We need to do an ego check and realize that things do change but how we treat others, support others and serve others is at the top of the list for a disciple and follower of Jesus.  How have you impacted others today?