This chapter made me think about the Muppets!!  Remember the two old men who were in the balcony who always complained and criticized the performances?  I really liked them a lot!!  It is so much easier for us to be cynical, negative and caught up in our own lives and our own ways.  Yet this is not how we are called to be faithful disciples is it?

Turn on the tv today and see how cynical things really are?  Where can we find enthusiasm, excitement and good news?  It is very hard to find.  David in this chapter shares the story of a friend and coworker who walks into the staff room where they were both teaching.  She is super excited because she made a great connection with the kids in her class and yet no one responded.  No one celebrated with her—everyone was warn down by life and things were just easier by staying in their lanes.

What helps us maintain our enthusiasm and excitement in life?  How can we stop being cynical and have hardened hearts?  How can we we let go of what we want and embrace where God wants us to be?

Ways to be more joyful and enthusiastic:

  • Get some rest — a good night sleep can really help our attitude
  • Connect with joyful people who support you and listen to you
  • Pray — connecting with God and chatting with Him always gives us a powerful perspective
  • Be grateful each day — count your blessings
  • Go to Reconciliation – a humble heart is one that is thankful!!