BE ALERT—STAY AWAKE!!  This is what we hear in Mark’s gospel.  Yet all of us fall into the trap of having life simply pass us by.  Sometimes we can fall into routine going through life and maybe at times simply trying to survive.  Some of us get so busy that we forget those things that are most important — and as we all know, time flies by so quickly!!

David shares an encounter he had while grocery shopping with his kids.  In the midst of the chaos and confusion, looking for the right items on his shopping list — he encounters a gentleman who reminds him to slow down and to live his life — DON’T MISS IT David is told.

Are there times in our lives that we miss things?  What are the distractions in our lives that we need to change?  Before you know it we are at the end of our lives and we have not really lived.  The scriptures do remind us to stay awake — to pay attention and not to miss out on the joys and sorrows in our lives.  These are great teachers and it is a wonderful opportunity for us to encounter Jesus and each other on this journey of life.

What are you afraid of missing out on?  Do you feel you are sleep walking through life?  What can wake you from your sleep?