This first chapter of the book sets the tone for all of us.  He starts with the call of the disciples who immediately drop what they are doing and follow Him.  It sounds pretty simple but we all know that we are only getting part of the picture.  The disciples probably already heard Jesus and maybe were able to get to know him before they received the invitation to follow him.

When we take a closer look at the scriptures we see many who were reluctant to follow Jesus for various reasons.  In all of the cases — we need conversion and conviction.  Yet this doesn’t occur in a neat package.  Our lives our messy and challenging and in the midst of that — the Lord calls and thus we travel through conversion to a conviction of trusting, serving and following the Lord.

How can we experience conversion? By encountering Jesus

  • Reflecting on the scriptures
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Daily prayer – thanksgiving and petition
  • Serving those who are in need
  • Reflecting on your life and seeing the hand of God working in your life
  • With a cup of coffee, in silence, chatting heart to heart with God.